PSY a South Korean artist who blasted his way into worldwide stardom with his hit “Gangnam Style”; a catchy tune with easy to imitate dance moves. The follow up single “Gentleman” was nowhere near as popular and PSY seems to have drifted away from the limelight.

Park had originally planned to study business administration at university in the United States 1996 but he lost interest in his studies and spent his tuition funds on musical instruments and entertainment equipment. After attending an English-language summer course and studying for one semester, Park dropped out of Boston University and moved to study at Berklee College of Music. He soon dropped out and returned to South Korea to pursue a career as a singer.

In 1999 he was spotted by a famous Korean rapper and made an appearance in TV in 2000. After releasing 3 albums, Psy was conscripted into the military but was excused from military duty. In 2010 he joined a major record label but it wasn’t until 2012 that “Gangnam Style” hit the airwaves.

Psy subsequently parted ways with his record label and founded his own label which enabled him to sign and promote upcoming artists.

Backing Tracks – Gangnam Style…  Gentleman…  

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