Concone Opus 9 - 50 Lessons

50 Lessons for High, Middle and Low Voice


Giuseppe Concone (1801 – 1861 Turin) was an Italian vocal teacher. He is widely known for his vocal exercises — solfeggi and vocalises—which are unusually attractive for works of their kind, and at the same time excellent for their special purpose.

50 Leçons De Chant, Op.9.  If you have ever studied classical singing, it is possible that you are familiar with the Concone books of solfeggi. The most famous of these books is Concone Opus 9 – Fifty Lessons.

The purpose of these lessons-in their Author’s own words-is:-

1. “To place and fix the voice accurately;”
II. “To develop taste while singing broad, elegant, and rhyth­mical melodies.”

All these exercises are recommended to be sung on the ‘Ah’ vowel sound (as in father), However more advanced singers may wish to sing the first 25 exercises with the corresponding Solfaggi (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La ,Si) emitting each tone with equality, purity, intensity of voice, and preciseness of intonation.

We have created video’s of these exercises with on-screen vocal-lead sheet music to follow. Each video has a  vocal guide for the fist half of the video (for ease of learning the piece), followed by just the accompaniment  with  the vocal-sheet music appearing on screen.    There are 50 exercises in total and we have created a video for each for range – High Voice (suitable for Soprano or Tenor), Middle Voice (suitable for Mezzo-Soprano or Baritone) and Low Voice (suitable for Alto or Bass).

Concone Opus 9 50 Lessons for High Voice

Concone Opus 9 For High Voice

51 Videos

Concone Opus 9 50 Lessons for Middle Voice


51 Videos

Concone Opus 9 50 Lessons for Low Voice


49 Videos