Singing With An Accompanist

singing with accopanistSinging with an accompanist

As a singer you may want to seek out an accompanist that you can work with. So here are a few tips to help build a good working relationship with each other.


It is important that you both get along and can work as a team as you may well want them to accompany you at auditions etc, or enlist their help to make rehearsal tapes for you, especially if you don’t play yourself. You accompanist will nurture your singing and if things go well, you may well work together for many years as a successful team.

Provide a Copy of the music

When working with an accompanist, make sure that they have their own copy of the music. They will need to make their own notes and be able to take the music home to practise between rehearsals. Make sure that the copy is clear and if you are taping pages together, do it on the back, leaving the front clear for making notes.

Where to stand

Whilst practicing, don’t stand at their shoulder breathing down their neck. If possible stand in front so that the accompanist can see you. They can then watch you for any subtle cues or see your breath pattern to see when you are about to start each phrase.

What key

An accompanist who can transpose music instantaneously is very rare, however, there are some electric keyboards/pianos which have an inbuilt transposing function which can change key at the press of a button. Decide with your accompanist which key you will be singing in. You may wish to change to one more suitable and easier for you to sing in. however with respect to your pianist, some keys are easier to play in that others, so be prepared to compromise.