Singing In A Choir

singing in a choirSinging In A Choir

Have you ever wanted to be part of some kind of entertainment but were too embarrassed to be on a stage by yourself? Well a choir might be just the thing for you. This guide will help you get started singing in a choir.

Consider the type of choir you want to join.
Whether you like traditional choral music, barber shop, gospel or show music, there will almost definitely be a choir out there which suits you.

 Find a local choir.
Ask around and search the internet to help find some local choirs you could join. Also, pay attention to advertisements in local meeting places, as it may be possible there is something going on there.

Contact the person who runs the choir to ask about the possibility of joining.
Depending on the choir you have chosen, you may have to audition, but many choirs are happy to let anyone join. It also may be a good idea to check at this point whether or not you will need to pay for membership, uniforms, or music.

Go to rehearsals.
Being in a choir is a commitment – only going to half of the rehearsals will let down the other choir members. If you don’t have the time, don’t join.

Make friends – Choirs aren’t just about singing.
The friends you make at choir can be friends for life, so don’t forget to socialize.

Learn to read the music.
You should try to pick this up as you go along, so don’t worry about it too much. If you’re having difficulty, ask somebody who sits near you to point you in the right direction; they will probably be more than happy to help.

Listen to the people around you.Unlike solo singing, the point of singing in a choir isn’t to stand out, but to blend in. If you’re singing too loud or out of tune it will be obvious. Listen to the people around you and try to match your singing to theirs.

Enjoy yourself.
Choirs can give you some of the most amazing experiences of your life and help you achieve things you could not have done alone. Music is intended to be enjoyed by both listener and performer, so if you’re not enjoying it then it probably isn’t right for you. Don’t feel you have to stay if you don’t like it.

You don’t have to be good at singing to sing in a good choir

Practice makes perfect, so don’t worry if you don’t start out brilliantly.

When auditioning or performing for vocal placement select a song that works for your voice and perform it naturally. The choir director needs to know if you are Soprano, Alto, Bass or Tenor so they can place you accordingly they do not need to know how great a falsetto you have.

If you are a religious person church choirs often allow any member of the congregation to join without any strict auditions.

Younger individuals should consider children’s choirs or choirs with a children’s section as the unchanged voice of a child will often not fit with the harmonics of an all adult choir.

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