Odyssey is originally a New York City, United States-based singing group, best known for their 1977 hit “Native New Yorker,” and a series of other mainly dance and soul hits in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Now based in the United Kingdom, the band was led and fronted by Steven Collazo who continues to perform and record.

Backing Tracks

Inside Out  …  Native New Yorker  …   Use It Up Wear It Out  …  Going Back To My Roots  …   If You’re Looking For A Way Out  …


Native New Yorker

New York girl, ooh, ooh, ooh
Runnin’ pretty, New York City girl
Twenty-five, thirty-five
Hello baby, New York City girl
You grew up riding the subways running with people
Up in Harlem, down on Broadway
You’re no tramp but you’re no lady, talkin’ that street talk
You’re the heart and soul of New York City
And love, love is just a passing word
It’s the thought you had in a taxi cab
That got left on the curb
When he dropped you off at East 83rd
Oh, oh, oh
(Oh, oh, oh)
You’re a native New Yorker
You should know the score by now
(You should know by now)
You’re a native New Yorker…
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