James Blunt is an English singer / songwriter and musician who shot to fame with the third single (“You’re Beautiful”) off his debut album (“Back To Bedlam”). Since then James has released three more albums, done world tours, achieved  number one singles and a host of award nominations.

As a child, James Blunt had piano and violin lessons and it wasn’t until age 14 that he picked up a guitar and started writing songs. As James’ father was a military man, it was expected that James follow this tradition and he spent a number of years in the Household Cavalry serving his country. During his spare time he played guitar, entertained his colleagues and wrote songs such as “No Bravery”. In 2003, having left military service, James Blunt travelled to America to pursue his musical career.

He is a keen and prolific supporter of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), an organisation which provides volunteer doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, logistical experts, water and sanitation engineers and administrators to war-torn regions and developing countries. He also actively supports Help For Heroes and environmental causes.

James Blunt Backing Tracks – 1973  …  Best Laid Plans  …  Billy  …  Bonfire Heart  …  Broken Strings  …  Carry You Home  …  Cold  …  Courtesy Song  …  Cry  …  DangerousDon’t Give Me Those Eyes  …  Fall At Your Feet  …  Goodbye My Lover  …  Heart To Heart  …  High  …   If Time Is All I Have … I’ll Be Your Man …  Love Love Love  …  Love Me Better  …  Monsters  …   No Bravery  …  Out Of My Mind  …  Postcards  …  Same Mistake  …  So Long Jimmy  …  Stay The Night  …  Tears and Rain  …  Unstoppable  When I Find Love Again  …   Wisemen  …  You’re Beautiful  …  

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