Anyone Can Whistle Backing Tracks

Anyone Can Whistle Backing Tracks –  Anyone Can Whistle … Everybody Says Don’t …

Anyone Can Whistle is said to have been Stephen Sondheim’s ‘bravest’ musical, with it being described as an absurdly satirical cult show. Displaying a level of wacky intelligence, this musical is the story of a mayoress of a bankrupt town who fakes a miracle to revitalise its fortunes. There’s a nurse who sets out to  expose the fraud and a doctor who embraces it and is determined to enjoy the chaos it brings. In the end, the show delivers a powerful message about the importance of the individuality in society whilst aiming a few timely jabs at government, religion and science.

The show opened on Broadway on April 4, 1964, at the Majestic Theatre, where it closed after 9 performances and 12 previews but even after such a short run became a cult favourite.

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