Hermes House Band Backing Tracks

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Hermes House Band Backing Tracks

Hermes House Band Backing Tracks – Country Roads … Que Sera Sera

Hermes House Band – The Hermes House Band is a Dutch pop band, established in 1982. They produce and perform dance cover versions of existing hits.

Their biggest hit in the United Kingdom was their cover of “Country Roads“, released shortly before Christmas 2001. It peaked at No. 7 in the UK Singles Chart, and remained in the Top 10 for five weeks. It reached number 1 in the Scottish Singles Chart in December 2001 and again in January 2002.

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In 2002, they joined forces with DJ Ötzi to cover “Live Is Life“, originally by Opus. This single reached No. 2 in the French chart.

In their 25 year history, the band has released more than 25 albums and singles.

Originally there was a rule that every member who finished his studies at the University of Rotterdam had to leave the Hermes House Band. Then a successor was sought in each case for the instrument or vocals that had become vacant.

The “International” version of the band, however, refrained from recruiting solely from active students. Instead, former members now took over the permanency in the band, these included:

  • Judith Ansems
  • Jop Wijlacker
  • Robin Maas

This ensured that they could also play international gigs and pursue their musical career full time. The lineup of the band includes significantly more musicians, such as drummer, guitarist, saxophonist, bassist, keyboardist.

Hermes House Band Backing Tracks

Country Roads … Live Is Life … Que Sera Sera