Sophia Loren Backing Tracks

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Sophia Loren Backing Tracks

Sophia Loren Backing Tracks – Goodness Gracious Me

Sophia Loren is an Italian actress. She was described by the American Film Institute as one of the greatest female stars of Classical Hollywood cinema.

Loren began her film career at age sixteen in 1950. She appeared in several bit parts and minor roles in the early part of the decade, until her five-picture contract with Paramount in 1956 launched her international career. Her film appearances around this time include The Pride and the Passion, Houseboat, and It Started in Naples.

She starred with British comedian Peter Sellers in the comedy film The Millionairess in 1960. Peter wrote the song “Goodness Gracious Me” and although it never appeared in the soundtrack, it became a UK chart hit in 1960 and succeeded in publicising the film.

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Sophia Loren Backing Tracks

Goodness Gracious Me