Moloko were an electronic music duo from England.

Formed in 1994 the duo consisted of vocalist Róisín Murphy and producer Mark Brydon. They became known for their unique blend of electronic music, funk, and pop elements. Moloko released their debut album, “Do You Like My Tight Sweater?” in 1995, which received critical acclaim and established them as an innovative force in the electronic music scene.

Their sound was characterised by Murphy’s distinct and versatile vocals, which ranged from soulful and sultry to quirky and playful. Brydon’s production skills added layers of electronic beats, samples, and synths, resulting in a sound that was both infectious and experimental.

The duo gained commercial success with their third album, “Things to Make and Do,” released in 2000. It included the hit singles “The Time Is Now” and “Sing It Back,” which became international chart-toppers and propelled Moloko to mainstream popularity. The success of the album led to live performances and festival appearances across Europe.

Despite their commercial success, Moloko remained an underground and cult favorite, known for their boundary-pushing approach to music-making. Their subsequent albums, “Statues” (2003) and “The Only Ones” (2006), continued to showcase their experimentation with different genres and styles.

Moloko disbanded in 2003, with both Murphy and Brydon pursuing solo careers. Róisín Murphy went on to release several successful solo albums, further establishing herself as a solo artist, while Mark Brydon focused on producing and remixing for other artists.

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