Dr Feelgood was an English rock band formed by guitarist Wilko Johnson and singer Lee Brilleaux in 1971. They quickly gained popularity for their energetic live performances and raw, stripped-down sound. Their music was heavily influenced by traditional rhythm and blues, incorporating elements of rock, punk, and pub rock.

Their debut album, “Down by the Jetty,” was released in 1975 and received critical acclaim. It featured the hit single “She Does It Right,” which became a signature song for the band. This was followed by their second album, “Malpractice,” in 1975, which included the singles “Roxette” and “Back in the Night.”

In 1976, the band released their most successful album, “Stupidity,” which topped the UK Albums Chart. The live album showcased the band’s energetic live performances and featured their hit single “Milk and Alcohol.” The success of “Stupidity” solidified the band’s status as one of the leading pub rock bands of the era.

However, internal conflicts and creative differences led to Johnson’s departure from the band in 1977. He was replaced by guitarist John “Gypie” Mayo, and the band continued to release albums and tour throughout the late 1970s and 1980s.

After the death of singer Lee Brilleaux, the band continued to tour and record with various lineup changes. Despite the absence of the original members, the band has maintained their loyal fan base and continues to perform their classic hits to this day.

Dr Feelgood’s legacy as one of the pioneers of British pub rock has influenced countless musicians and bands. Their raw, energetic sound and charismatic stage presence continue to resonate with fans and make them a cherished part of British rock history.

Backing Tracks – Roxette … She Does It Right …

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