Axiom was an Australian country rock band formed in the late 1960s. The band was known for their unique blend of rock, pop, and psychedelic influences, which set them apart from other Australian bands at the time.

Axiom was formed in Melbourne in 1969 by Brian Cadd and Don Mudie, who had previously played together in the popular Australian band The Groop. They were joined by Glenn Shorrock, Chris Stockley, and Doug Lavery, and together they began to develop their own sound and style.

In 1970, Axiom released their debut self-titled album, which featured the hit single “Arkansas Grass”. The song became a chart success in Australia and helped establish the band’s reputation as one of the country’s most promising rock acts. Their song “A Little Ray Of Sunshine” also made it to the top ten.

Despite their early success, Axiom disbanded in 1971 due to creative differences and internal conflicts. The members went on to pursue solo careers or join other bands, with Glenn Shorrock eventually becoming the lead singer of the hugely successful bands Little River Band and the Twilights.

Although short-lived, Axiom left a lasting impact on the Australian music scene. Their unique sound and catchy songwriting continue to be celebrated by fans and musicians alike, and they are often cited as an influence by contemporary Australian rock bands.

Backing Tracks – A Little Ray Of Sunshine

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