3 Of Hearts was an American country music trio composed of Blaire Stroud, Katie McNeill, and Deserea Wasdin. They formed the group in 2001 and quickly gained recognition for their tight harmonies and energetic performances. The group’s name, 3 of Hearts, represented their harmonious blend as well as their shared love for music.

Blaire Stroud was the lead vocalist of the group, known for her powerful and soulful voice. She brought a unique energy to their performances, captivating audiences with her stage presence.

Katie McNeill was responsible for the group’s tight harmonies and played the acoustic guitar. Her sweet and melodic voice added depth to their sound, creating a perfect balance within the trio.

Deserea Wasdin was the group’s fiddle player, contributing to their country sound with her impressive instrumental skills. She also provided backing vocals, adding texture and richness to their harmonies.

Together, 3 of Hearts released several singles, including “Mary Jane,” “Give Me a Reason,” and “Wild Honey.” Their music showcased their range as artists, with heartfelt ballads and upbeat country anthems. 3 of Hearts did not enter the Top 40 on the country music charts until early 2002, when their rendition of “The Christmas Shoes” reached a peak of No. 39

Despite their promising start, 3 of Hearts eventually disbanded in 2005, with each member choosing to pursue solo careers. However, their time together as a trio left a lasting impact on the country music scene, and they continue to be remembered for their strong vocals and dynamic performances.

Backing Tracks – Christmas Shoes

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