Learning Lyrics

Learning lyrics

In some styles of singing eg choral or band you would probably need to have your music in front of you.  However if you were a solo cabaret artist for example, then it doesn’t look too professional if you buried your head a music book.

Learning lyrics can be a hard task for some of us. It can be pretty daunting too, especially if you need to learn 30 – 40 songs for a set.   If you are not one of the lucky ones who can learn lyrics quickly and easily, I hope that the tips below will help you on your way:

Repetition is probably the most popular way of learning your lyrics.

  • You will probably find the chorus the first bit you remember, as it is quite often repeated through the song.
  • If the song has a bridge, then that’s probably the next part to try to remember, as it usually is slightly different to both chorus and verses.
  • Next it’s a case of learning the verse.  Can you remember the verses as a story.  That way, if can remember the opening lines of the verses, then you can gradually fill in the blanks
  • Practice and listen to your songs every chance you get. Eg washing up, driving, lunch-breaks etc.

If you have lots of songs to learn, then choose the ones you least like to learn first.  This then gives you something to look forward to when nearing the end of you task