Housemartins Backing Tracks

Housemartins Backing Tracks

Housemartins Backing Tracks –  Caravan Of Love  …  Happy Hour  …  

Housemartins : Formed in 1984,  UK pop band The Housemartins originally comprised Paul Heaton, Stan Cullimore, Ted Key and Hugh Whitaker.  

Their modesty and  plain image disguised a genuine songwriting talent, which quickly emerged with Marxist and Christian themes which reflected the beliefs of Heaton at the time. During late 1985, Key was replaced by Norman Cook and in 1986, the band achieved their first UK hit with their third release, the infectious “Happy Hour”, which climbed to number 3. In December 1986, their excellent a cappella version of “Caravan Of Love” (originally by Isley Jasper, Isley : The Isley Brothers) gave them a deserved UK number 1 hit.


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The band split in 1988, but the members have remained in contact and have worked on each other’s projects. Norman Cook has enjoyed significant success with Beats International and then as Fatboy Slim, while Heaton, Hemingway and roadie Sean Welch formed the Beautiful South.

Housemartins Backing Tracks

Caravan Of Love  …  Happy Hour  …  

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