Adam Cohen Backing Tracks

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Adam Cohen Backing Tracks

Adam Cohen Backing Tracks – We Go Home

Adam Cohen (born September 18, 1972) is a Canadian singer-songwriter.

He had taught himself to play guitar, drums and piano by age 12.

As a young adult he moved to New York and performed in a number of rock group during the early ’90s.  He moved to Los Angeles in 1996 to focus on his music career, and he was signed to a record label in 1997. His debut album hit the market in July of 1998.


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Several years later, Cohen recorded a French-language album, released on Capitol in 2004 as Mélancolista. He also formed a band, Low Millions. Cohen returned as a solo artist in 2011 with his fourth album. It performed better commercially than any of his previous work. After a long tour, he began work on a follow-up. We Go Home appeared in September of 2014.

Adam Cohen is the son of Leonard Cohen

Studio Albums

Adam Cohen (1998)

Melancolista (2004)

Like A Man (2012)

We Go Home (2014)

Adam Cohen Backing Tracks

We Go Home

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