Yungblud Backing Tracks

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Yungblud Backing Tracks

Yungblud Backing Tracks : Eleven Minutes … Die A Little

Yungblud (pronounced “Youngblood” stylized YUNGBLUD), is an English singer, musician and songwriter (Dominic Richard Harrison (born 5 August 1997)). Before he launched his music career Yungblud attended a performing arts school in London and appeared in some UK TV shows.

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His first EP was released in 2018 followed shortly after by the album 21st Century Liability. In 2019, he released another EP, The Underrated Youth. His second album, Weird!, was released in late 2020 and peaked at the top of the UK Albums Chart. He has collaborated with many artists, including Halsey on the track Eleven Minutes.

Before gaining attention in the music industry, Harrison acted in roles such as Emmerdale and The Lodge, and it is reported that he wants to get back in to acting alongside his music ventures.

Yungblud Backing Tracks

Eleven Minutes … Die A Little


I’m 11 minutes away and I have missed you all day
I’m 11 minutes away, so why aren’t you here?I think I missed you callin’ on the other line
I’m just thinkin’ all these thoughts up in my mind
Talkin’ love but I can’t even read the signs
I would sell my soul for a bit more time
You stain all on my body like you’re red wine
You’re the fuckin’ acid to my alkaline
You run your middle finger up and down my spine
I’m sorry there was no one to apologize …

Die A Little

Just when life gets messed up
Just when you can’t turn back
Sometimes life gets like that
It’s my addiction
Take my foot off the gas
Step on paper-thin glass
Play the music and dance
It’s my addiction’ Cause we are the lonely ones
We are the lonely ones
We are the lonely ones

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