Virgins Backing Tracks

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Virgins Backing Tracks

Virgins Backing Tracks – Rich Girls

The Virgins was an American indie rock band formed in 2006 in New York City. The band split up in November 2013. The band consisted of lead vocalist Donald Cumming, guitarist Wade Oates, bassist Nick Zarin-Ackerman and drummer Erik Ratensperger.


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Virgins Backing Tracks

Rich Girls


“Rich Girls”

We’ll walk around
Pretending we’re all grown up
Hey, rich girls!
Well, can you tell me why
You’re so stuck up
And act so down?I’ll tell you everything I know,
Any little thing I know. [repeat]Got a lovely way with words,
At the way you see the world,
It’s just you way you see the world.You got to know!

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