Paper Lace Backing Tracks

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Paper Lace Backing Tracks

Paper Lace Backing Tracks –  Billy Don’t Be A Hero… The Night Chicago Died

Paper Lace are a Nottingham-based pop group who had three UK Top 40 hit singles in 1974. In the United States they are considered a one-hit wonder, having just a single chart hit in that country.

Cliff Fish, Dave Manders, Roy White and Phil Wright, were the original members when the band was formed in 1967. They performed covers in small pubs and clubs until their appearance on the UK TV talent show ‘ Opportunity Knocks’ in 1973 catapulted them into the mainstream.


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The group released two albums, Paper Lace and Other Bits of Material in 1974 and First Edition in 1975.

Paper Lace Backing Tracks

Billy Don’t Be A Hero The Night Chicago Died


The marchin’ band came down along Main Street
The Soldier Blues fell in behind
I looked across and there I saw Billy
Waiting to go and join the line
And with her head upon his shoulder
His young and lovely fiancée
From where I stood I saw she was cryin’
And through her tears I heard her say “Billy don’t be a hero, don’t be a fool with your life”
“Billy don’t be a hero, come back and make me your wife”
And as Billy started to go, she said, “Keep your pretty head low”
“Billy don’t be a hero, come back to me”