Natalia Kills Backing Tracks

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Natalia Kills Backing Tracks

Natalia Kills Backing Tracks : Free … Wonderland

Natalia Kills is an English singer, songwriter and actress whose given name is Natalia Noemi “Teddy” Sinclair (née Cappuccini). She has recorded music under various aliases, most famously as Natalia Kills and Verbalicious. She has been the lead vocalist of the band Cruel Youth, which also released music under the name The Powder Room.

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As Natalia Kills, Sinclair released her studio albums Perfectionist (2011) and Trouble (2013). In 2016, she started her own band, Cruel Youth, with whom she released the EP, +30mg (2016).

Her biggest commercial singles were the gold-certified singles “Mirrors” (2010), “Free” with Will.I.Am, and the UK-top 40 hit, “Champagne Showers” with American pop duo LMFAO. She has additionally written songs for Angel Haze, Madonna, and Rihanna. She received a Grammy Award nomination in 2017 for co-writing Rihanna’s single “Kiss It Better”.

In March 2015, Sinclair and her husband, Willy Moon, were fired as judges from New Zealand X Factor for their harsh comments towards one of the contestants.

Natalia Kills Backing Tracks

Free … Wonderland


I got some money in my pockets and I wanna go shopping
And go buy me some things I like
I saw some kicks up in the mall that I just gotta be rocking
I love to rock them things I like
I’m no material guy, I just wanna look fly
Cool suits, dope boots, doin’ them things I like
‘Cause when I get my gears straight
Them honeys gonna be shocking, shocking, yeah (shocking) yeah

I’m free, I just spent all my money
But I rock that like it don’t cost a thing
Free, burn a hole in my pocket
But I rock that like it don’t cost a thing