Fortunes Backing Tracks

Fortunes Backing Tracks

Fortunes Backing Tracks – Freedom Come, Freedom Go  …  Storm In A Teacup  …  You’ve Got Your Troubles  …  

Fortunes (The)  were a successful vocal harmony group from Birmingham, UK.

Although The Fortunes had some minor success in the early years, it wasn’t until 1965 when the song ‘You’ve Got Your Troubles‘ almost reached the top spot in the British charts in August of 1965 and Number 7 in the U.S. charts, that their popularity soared.

After some record label changes and adjustments to the bands line up, the 1970’s saw The Fortunes saw another upward turn in their popularity with the single ‘Freedom Come Freedom Go’ making Number 6 in the British charts followed by ‘Storm In A Teacup’ which made it into the top ten.


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Original Members

Rod Allen – lead vocals, bass (1963–2008)

Barry Pritchard – lead guitar, vocals (1963–1995)

Andy Brown – drums (1963–1977)

Glen Dale – rhythm guitar (1963–1966)

David Carr – keyboards (1963–1968)

With many new members the group toured with the ‘Sensational 60s Experience’ package in October 2021 and released an album “Special Moments” in December 2021. The Fortunes signed to US label “Creative & Dreams” in 2022, releasing the single “Hello My Friend” (Smitham) a hit on the Heritage Chart.

Fortunes Backing Tracks

Freedom Come, Freedom Go  …  Storm In A Teacup  …  You’ve Got Your Troubles  …