Embrace are an English alternative rock band from Bailiff Bridge, West Yorkshire. To date they have released six studio albums, one singles album and one B-sides compilation. The band consists of brothers singer Danny McNamara and guitarist Richard McNamara, bassist Steve Firth, keyboardist Mickey Dale and drummer Mike Heaton. The group have released seven studio albums – The Good Will Out (1998), Drawn from Memory (2000), If You’ve Never Been (2001), Out of Nothing (2004), This New Day (2006), Embrace (2014) and Love Is a Basic Need, which was released on 2 March 201


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Embrace Backing Tracks -All You Good Good People  …   Ashes  …   Come Back To What You Know  …   Gravity  …    Looking As You Are  …   My Weakness Is None Of Your Business  …   Nature’s Law  …   Target  …   World At Your Feet  …