Dolly Dots Backing Tracks

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Dolly Dots Backing Tracks – Do Wah Diddy … Love Me Just A Little Bit More … Medley

The Dolly Dots are a Dutch girl group established in 1980. The group was founded by Ronnie Tober, following his successes with bands such as Sandy Coast and the Golden Earrings. The original members of the Dolly Dots were Angelique van Os, Annie Schilder, Ria Thielsch, and Wilma van Beuman.

The band initially focused on rock-oriented music, but eventually shifted to a more disco-pop sound. Their breakthrough single was the 1981 hit “Love Me Just a Little Bit More”. It was followed by a number of successful singles, most of which were written by Tober and his songwriting partner, Rob van Daal. Their recordings were released by record labels including Phonogram, EMI, and CBS.


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The Dolly Dots had several successful albums, including the 1983 album Rocket Gun, which was certified gold in the Netherlands. The album featured the hit single “Do Wah Diddy Diddy“. In 1984, the band released an album of Spanish-language songs titled Dolly Dots en Espanol. The same year, they released a compilation album titled The Best of the Dolly Dots.

In 1985, their single “He’s Crazy” reached the top of the Dutch charts. After this, the group began to decline in popularity, and the original group eventually disbanded in 1987.

In 1989, Tober and van Daal reunited to form a new version of the group with new members. This group, called The New Dolly Dots, released two albums and two singles before disbanding in 1995.

In the 2000s, several of the original members of the Dolly Dots reunited for several one-off studio recordings and reunion concerts. They released a new single in 2007, and in 2014, the original four members reunited for a concert tour to celebrate the group’s 35th anniversary.

Dolly Dots Backing Tracks – Do Wah Diddy … Love Me Just A Little Bit More … Medley