Century Backing Tracks

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Century Backing Tracks

Century Backing Tracks

Century were a rock band formed in France in 1979.

The group was led by singer and composer Jean-Louis Milford with Éric Traissard on guitar), Laurent Cokelaere (bass), Christian Portes (drums) and Jean-Dominique Sallaberry (guitar).

Century are probably best known for their single “Lover Why” from their album ‘…And Soul It Goes’. The song became a hit on the Brazilian Music charts as a result of being included in a TV soap opera.

Lover Why” peaked at #1 in France for and also fared well in Portugal and Switzerland. Their second single, “Jane” peaked only at #35 in France. Century has sold over ten million copies worldwide.

The band split in 1989.


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Century Backing Tracks

Lover Why


A sign of time
I lost my life, forgot to die
Like any man, a frightened guy
I’m keeping memories inside
Of wounded love

But I know
I’m more than sad and more today
I’m eating words too hard to say
A single tear and I’m away
Away and gone

I need you
So far from hell, so far from you
‘Cause heaven’s hard and black and gray
You’re just a someone gone away
You never said goodbye

Why, lover why?
Why do flowers die?
Why, lover why? …

Source: Musixmatch