Kelly Willis

Kelly Willis (born October 2, 1968) is an American country music singer-songwriter, whose music has been described as alternative country and new traditionalist.

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Kelly Willis. Backing Tracks – Getting To Me – Kelly Willis


Redemption is all I really need
Cause I’ve been living like a liar and a thief
They say that you spend your lifetime burning
But I spend mine just turning and turningChorus
And oh will it shine through
All that I’ve been waiting for
Living in real time
It’s been getting to me
Oh will it shine through
All that I’ve been waiting for
Taking its sweet time
In getting to meLove is the answer at least for some
But love is the devil when you have none
So empty your pockets and lay down your dimes
It costs what you’ve got and you pay every timeChorusSo let go your mind when you’re feeling it slip
And let go your heart when you’re feeling it dip
Sometimes there’s not much a poor soul can do
But dream of the life you’ve got coming to you


Oh taking its sweet time
But getting to me