Erykah Badu Backing Tracks

Erykah Badu is an American singer songwriter and actress. When she was as young as 4 years old she was performing on stage at the Dallas Theatre Centre and The Black Academy of Arts and Letters (TBAAL). Badu went on to study theatre at university, but to concentrate on music full-time, she left university before graduating, and took minimum-wage jobs to support herself.

With the help from her cousin, she recorded a demo tape that drew the attention of a record producer and recorded a duet with D’Angelo then was signed to Universal Records. Her debut album “Baduizm” was released in 1997 and reached #2 on Billboard Hot 200 chart with the highly-acclaimed single “On & On”.

She made her debut as a supporting acting role in the 1998 film Blues Brothers 2000 followed by The Cider House Rules (1999). Erykah Badu received numerous awards and nominations including a win at the 2000 Black Reel Awards for best supporting actress.


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Erykah Badu Backing Tracks -Back In The Day,   Booty,   Didn’t Cha Know