Daniel Powter Backing Tracks

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Daniel Powter Backing Tracks

Daniel Powter Backing Tracks – Bad Day … Cupid … Free Loop … Next Plane Home …

Daniel Powter (born February 25, 1971) is a Canadian musician, singer, and songwriter. He is best known for his hit song “Bad Day,” which spent five weeks at number one in the United States and topped the charts in more than seventeen countries.


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Powter was born in Vernon, British Columbia. He is of Welsh and Ukrainian descent, and grew up in Vernon, where he received his early musical training. Powter’s parents, Linda and John Powter, were both educators who encouraged his ambitions to become a musician.

In 1996, Powter released his debut album ‘I’m Your Betty’. The album received positive reviews and generated some minor hits, including “Free Loop” and “Jimmy Gets High”. It was the song “Bad Day” that would propel Powter to international fame. The up-tempo, emotionally charged song became a worldwide hit, topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart for five weeks and ultimately spending twenty-five weeks in the Top 40. The song was featured in several commercials, movies, and television shows, and was certified Gold in the United States.

In 2006, Powter released his second album, titled ‘Daniel Powter’. The album featured songs such as “Lie to Me” and “Love You Lately”, and was a commercial success. He subsequently released two additional albums, “Under the Radar” (2008) and “Turn on the Lights” (2009).

Powter has sold over five million albums worldwide and continues to tour in support of his music.

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Daniel Powter Backing Tracks

Bad Day … Cupid … Free Loop … Next Plane Home …