Blood Brothers Backing Tracks

Blood Brothers Backing Tracks – My Child, Easy Terms, Bright New Day, Tell Me It’s Not True, Marilyn Monroe

Blood Brothers opened in London’s West End at the Lyric Theatre in 1983 to critical acclaim. The musical written by Willy Russell won the Olivier Award for Best New Musical and Best Actress in its first year. After a successful first run, it did not appear for 5 years before being revived at the Albery Theatre (now the Noel Coward Theatre) in 1988 where it stayed for three years. It was then transferred to the Phoenix Theatre in 1991 where it remains today. Over two and a half decades, it has accumulated a host of Awards and has become one of the longest standing musicals on the West End.


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Blood Brothers Musical is, at first, a heart-warming story of Mickey and Edward, two brothers separated at birth, brought together again through friendship. However, their familial relationship is concealed by their guardians who strive to keep them apart because of superstitious beliefs.

Despite relocating, their lives continue to intertwine, although the deep divisions between the privileged life of Edward and Mickey’s poverty-stricken existence are wholly apparent. As they try to conquer the social divisions which hinder their friendship, they must deal with the harsh realities of class consciousness; Edward goes on to study at Oxford whilst Mickey is forced into a life of crime through unemployment.

As adults, they are caught up in a vicious love triangle with Mickey’s childhood sweetheart Linda. Mickey’s imprisonment and subsequent depression pushes Linda into the arms of the conciliatory Edward. A desperate Mickey takes drastic action against his fraternal twin which will ultimately expose their true identities.

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  • Overture – Orchestra, Company and Narrator
  • “Marilyn Monroe” – Mrs. Johnstone and Full Company
  • “Marilyn Monroe” (Reprise ) – Mrs. Johnstone
  • “My Child” – Mrs. Johnstone and Mrs. Lyons
  • “Easy Terms” – Mrs. Johnstone
  • “Shoes Upon the Table” – Narrator
  • “Easy Terms” (Reprise) – Mrs. Johnstone
  • “Kids’ Game” – Linda, Mickey and Ensemble
  • “Gypsies in the Wood” (Reprise of Shoes Upon the Table) – Narrator
  • “Bright New Day” (Preview) – Mrs. Johnstone
  • “Long Sunday Afternoon” / “My Friend” – Mickey and Edward
  • “Bright New Day” – Mrs. Johnstone and Full Company


  • Entr’acte – Orchestral piece
  • “Marilyn Monroe [Reprise 2]” – Mrs. Johnstone and Full Company
  • “Secrets” – Narrator
  • “That Guy” – Mickey and Edward
  • “Shoes Upon the Table” (Reprise) – Narrator
  • “I’m Not Saying a Word” – Edward
  • “Miss Jones” – Mr Lyons, Miss Jones and Full Company
  • “Marilyn Monroe [Reprise 3]” – Mrs. Johnstone
  • “Light Romance” – Mrs. Johnstone
  • “Madman” – Narrator
  • “Tell Me It’s Not True” – Mrs. Johnstone and Full Company