Street Party Favourites


Celebrating a momentous occasion with friends and family?

Here’s a selection of street party favourites.

Backing Tracks

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=616] All The Nice Girls Love A Sailor

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=24028] Any Old Iron

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=24719] Dads Army

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=332] Danny Boy

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=27303] Don’t Dilly Dally

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=2101] Down By The Riverside

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=844] Flower Of Scotland

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=27304] God Save Our Queen

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=27305] Goodbye Dolly Gray

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=27306] Goodbyeee

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=24027] Grandfather’s Clock

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=26728] Happy Days Are Here Again

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=24644] If You Were The Only Girl In The World

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=27307] I Never Cried So Much In My Life

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=1069] I Vow To Thee My Country

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=24114] Jesu Joy Of Man’s Desiring

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=27308] Keep Right On To The End Of The Road

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=24643] Keep The Home Fires Burning

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=24607] Land Of Hope And Glory

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=27309] Leaning On A Lamp Post

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=24030] Maybe It’s Because I’m A Londoner

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=27310] Moonlight Becomes You

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=27311] Now Is The Hour

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=24645] Oh It’s A Lovely War

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=27312] Oh You Beautiful Doll

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=3295] One More Step Along The Road

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=1447] Pack Up Your Troubles

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=24608] Roses Of Picardy

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=27313] Rule Britannia

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=24718] Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=25219] She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=27314] Show Me The Way To Go Home

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=2120] Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=24646] Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=24606] There’ll Always Be An England

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=24660] Tipperary-Piano

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=27315] Underneath The Arches

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=3882] Who wants To Be A Millionaire

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=27316] You Always Hurt The One You Love

[wp_eStore_fancy9 id=27317] You Made Me Love You

[wp_eStore_fancy2 id=2301]