Roys Backing Tracks

Roys Backing Tracks

Roys (The) Backing Tracks : Still Standing

Roys (The) are an American bluegrass song writing duo comprising of siblings Lee and Elaine Roy. They grew up with music as an integral part of their upbringing. Grandma played fiddle, jaunts and uncles played guitar and the duo would always be playing or singing along.

Elaine learned to play the guitar and began singing at the age of five, going on to make her first on-stage appearance at the tender age of 10. Lee was playing mandolin in a local bluegrass group by the time he was nine years old.

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Roys (The) Backing Tracks : Still Standing


It hit me like a freight train straight out of the dark

I didn’t see it coming when you broke my heart

Left me sad and lonely wondering what went wrong

Leaving me to question can I make it on my own

Now I’m here making new plans

Finding out just who I am

Swinging strong day after day I’m finding I’m still standing

Sometimes it feels just like my world is gonna end

But I know if I hang on the sun’ll shine again

These dark clouds and the rain I know they won’t last

Someday I’ll turn a corner it’ll be in the past …

Roys Backing Tracks

Still Standing