Planet Funk Planet Funk is an Italian electronic band. The group is composed of Marco Baroni, Domenico “GG” Calipari, Alex Neri, Dan Black and formerly Sergio Della Monica who died in February 2018. In addition a number of guest vocalists occasionally joined the group.

Their first single, “Chase the Sun” made it to number 5 in the UK charts and became popular amongst darts fans. In Australia and the UK the song has a cult following within the football community.

Backing Tracks

The Switch


Can you see me switchin on?
Could you push your button?
Could you feel that switch?
Could you push your button,
Like you rub an itch?
Can you find that button?
Can you find that switch?
Can you keep on pressing,
When you hear the click?
Can you see me comin’ on?
(See me switchin’, see me switchin’)
Can you see me switchin’ on?
(See me switchin’, see me switchin’ on)

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