No Mercy Backing Tracks

No Mercy Backing Tracks

No Mercy Backing Tracks – Please Don’t Go  …   When I Die  …  Where Do You Go  …  

No Mercy, is an internationally known trio consisting of twin brothers Ariel and Gabriel Hernández and songwriter Marty Cintron. They have achieved Gold and Platinum status, have scored four Billboard hits and sold over 10 million recordings worldwide.

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In 1995 the group released their single “Missing” which was a cover version of Everything but the Girl’s 1994 hit.

In October 1996, the trio presented its debut studio LP with such hits as “When I Die”, “Please Don’t Go”, and “Kiss You All Over” becoming very popular in Europe and the USA.

No Mercy’s top five pop hit “Where Do You Go,” used as a theme for the ABC-TV series Lois and Clark.

Guitarist and lead vocalist Marty Cintron continued to perform in Europe under the No Mercy name.

No Mercy Backing Tracks


Where Do You Go

You leave without a word, no message, no number
And now my head is pounding like rolling thunder
You left me with a heartache deep inside
Girl you should see me cry all night, and I wonder
Everybody says, what a shame, what is wrong?
They don’t like the game you play
Heard you’re hanging ’round every night until dawn
Been waiting for you night and day
Where do you go, my lovely?
Where do you go?
I want to know, my lovely, I want to know