Hepburn Backing Tracks

Hepburn Backing Tracks

Hepburn Backing Tracks – Bugs  …  Deep Deep Down  …   I Quit  … 

Hepburn were a four-piece British all-girl pop rock band. The band released an album and three singles between 1999 and 2000, but were best known for their first single, “I Quit”, which reached No. 8 on the UK charts, and was best known to American audiences when it appeared on the soundtrack to the TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The band was made up of Jamie Benson (vocals), Lisa Lister (guitar), Sarah Davies (bass), Beverley Fullen (drums), Lisa Gordon (Drums, replacement for Fullen), and Tasha Bayliss (drums, replacement for Gordon).

Hepburn disbanded in the summer of 2000.


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Hepburn Backing Tracks

Bugs  …  Deep Deep Down  …   I Quit  … 


There was a time when I would
Go walking backwards round the world if you said you’re mine
And I’d run blindfolded down the King’s Road Monday morning
If you just for once arrived on time

But you turned into another liar
And you came on like a new Messiah
So before you say what you desire
I’m telling you now

Chorus :
I quit, I quit
‘Cos loving you’s a job I don’t just need
Ain’t gonna go to work no more
I quit, I quit
The situations vacant for me
Ain’t gonna go to work no more
Ain’t gonna go to work no more, ain’t gonna go to work

I got my hands dirty while you rolled cigarettes
With one eye on the time
I tried my hardest
I’ve been conscientious
But I’m taking back that heart of mine

You can’t roll me round your tongue no more baby
It’s time to clear up your emotional debris
And if I’m falling overboard, please don’t save me
‘Cos I’m telling you now


Na da dai dai dai da-dai, da da dai dai dai
Baby, na da dai d….